20/ Endless Jung Sooyeon

Anonymous asked: WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? are they releasing a new best album because of this whole jessica news or it was planned long before?

yep here. i believe this was planned before the jessica incident

Anonymous asked: the 2014 calender has JESSICA for OCTOBER!! how am i supposed to live now?? WAAHHHH!

wait really where’s the news of soshi calendar? but omggg T___T

and they’re releasing the new version & standard version of the best in a couple weeks too :((

Anonymous asked: Honestly I think Jessica is pissed, disappointed, and sad as fuck. This is an abrupt change and what about Krystal? Jessica is not going to be in SMTOWN anymore.

yeah i think she’s mostly feeling betrayed and upset? tbh i think after krystal’s contract ends, she’s probably going to leave sm too. I mean there’s no news on when sulli is returning and also because what happened to her sister

Anonymous asked: Does this mean jessica can go out and party like a normal person now?

lol i think she’s going to need a while before she’s in the partying mood again

[140802] Jessica - Incheon Airport